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June 05 2015


Role of the CalPERS Loan Officer


Anybody that works as a Certified CalPERS loan officer has completed in-depth training so members are provided the best service, greatest loan options, and lowest interest levels possible. Therefore, anyone originating a PERS loan has undergone simple and easy and advanced training services so members are supplied with marked savings and protection when buying a new home or refinancing an existing home. -calpers home loan program

This means that a CalPERS loan officer cannot offer people loans under this program until all required training and workshops are already completed and passed. The huge benefits are tremendous, providing a new and innovative revenue stream for that lender but the most tasty mortgage loans to the borrower, so everyone wins.

Each CalPERS L.O. completes a standard training services course, as well as an advanced training course. On the completion, this person need to take a knowledge test and if passed, she or he would become a certified loan officer for CalPERS. One among advantages is that the CalPERS loan officer could possibly receive loan referrals completely from CitiMortgage. However, the they have to meet a specific level of production for each quarter and complete new certification annually.

To the borrower working with a CalPERS loan officer, this can be great news. The borrower is being provided with professional services coming from a motivated lender. Therefore, the L.O. is out and searches for the best loans and lowest rates of interest available rather than settling on something subpar. Therefore, members are provided having a cohesive list of loan options, many with low down payments.

In addition, the CalPERS program sets rates daily and limits the fees that can be charged, so you need not worry about getting the best deal. Borrowers have the opportunity to check out a loan officer's record, and after that choose the professional based on level and level of service history. -calpers home loan program

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